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NavStation – New version out now!

Significant improvements and new features!


Route planning to perfection with NavStation

Simple, seamless and integrated – all the information you need to plan
and execute an optimal vessel voyage in one place, at your fingertips.

NavStation modules NAVTOR
station2-365 pixler.png

NavStation includes access to an array of digital navigational information incorporated additionally as overlays on top of official ENC charts. 


Ranging from weather data to Environmental Regulations, Passage Planning modules, and much more – enabling greater insight, compliance, efficiency and decision making, both in terms of real-time operations and long-term strategy.

The ultimate maritime route planning tool

•  Seamlessly integrates the very latest critical 

    voyage data

•  Exchange routes with other vessels in the fleet         and with the ship managers onshore

•  An automatic Passage Planning module
   allows the navigator to effortlessly access and

   create required documentation while planning 

•  Databases and permits are automatically
   distributed and updated seamlessly through our
   secure NavBox  

•  Plan and continually optimise safe, secure and
   economical voyages

•  Reduce workload and risk of human error.

NavStation software in use on chart table monitor

NavStation is compatible with any standard PC and monitor, including touch screen devices. It is comprehensive, intuitive – with navigators simply grabbing, swiping and manoeuvring layers according to needs.


What´s new – version 6.3

NavStation features: 

  • New Passage Monitoring Dashboard 

  • e-Publication Reader improvements

  • Manoeuvring Assistant update

  • Technology improvements

Updates in the Passage Plan Module: 

  • Passage Plan updated to meet the latest industry compliance standards

  • More automation and auto-calculations 

  • Flexible print options - select pages to print

  • Improved Under Keel Clearance and Overhead Clearance calculations.

  • Improved document design

  • Allowance for revising and updating approved Passage Plan schemes.

  • More data utilization of data layers (e.g., Tidal information, Time zones, ENC charts, Load lines, Ports database)

New NavStaion features

During familiarization with the NavStation, we liked it from the beginning. It is very simple and easy to use. What we really liked the most is the NAVAREA warnings plotted on top of ENC where you can see right away which warning affects our route. 


Second Officer / SBI VIRGO


Full potential with NavStation

NavBox is the centre of our e-Navigation ecosystem – connecting vessels, fleets and facilities, with simple, secure and seamless transferral of the very latest navigational data.

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