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Simply plan your voyage from 
any position to any position, globally.

Built on NAVTOR’s smart and integrated technology, the new Auto Routeing module will generate a smart route suggestion between two positions.

Get on board for intelligent Auto Routeing.

The next generation of Auto Routeing

The new integrated Auto Routeing module in NavStation prepares a route suggestion in seconds. This quickly provides an overview for distance and duration and it can be used as a foundation for further detailed route planning.


The principle of Auto Routeing is based on the shortest route. Using open waters and routeing along predefined lines in restricted areas, such as coastal waters, Traffic Separation Schemes (TSS), entrances into ports etc.


You can easily edit and compare the route alternatives. 

The Auto Routeing module is fully integrated with the onboard NavStation Route Planning module. 

Auto Routeing features


• Common straits, TSS, canals etc. can be closed

• Controls the routeing alternatives


• Shortest route in open waters

• Along predefined route lines in coastal waters, TSS and entrances into ports


Routeing lines into most terminals in major ports

• Select a required location in the port and you will get a complete route suggestion, berth to berth. 


Auto Routeing to and from any port or any position

The Auto Routeing tool in NavStation lets you generate route suggestions to and from any port, from your own ship position to any position, or a selected position on the map to any position. 

Port Database list search

Departure or arrival ports can be selected directly on the map, or looked up by searching for a port name or UN/LOCODE in the search field that contains all ports from our new port database in NavStation.  

Customise your routeing preferences 

Vessel particulars, cargo type, and safety requirements influence how Auto Routeing calculate the route suggestion for your voyage.

Note: Any route produced by the Auto Routeing module is a SUGGESTION ONLY and  requires further route and passage planning analysis. It is the mariner’s sole responsibility to adjust the route to match the vessel’s characteristics, company policies and regulations; in order to validate the route towards the latest Chart and Publication updates and navigational warnings.

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