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Screenshot of Environmental Regulations in NavStation


Complete compliance

With environmental regulations increasing in stringency and complexity, access to the right data, at the right time, protects you from paying the price of non-compliance.

Responsible, compliant, and environmentally friendly shipping has never been more important. For society, for the world and for business well-being. With NAVTOR’s Environmental Regulations module, the very latest environmental data is layered on top of ENCs, giving you and your vessels a complete overview of what regulations apply when and where.

Access to the most detailed environmental regulations:

All relevant data is constantly available and

updated to ensure your vessel teams have

control, confidence and complete compliance.

• International regulations (MARPOL)

• National regulations

• Regional regulations

• Port regulations 

This is a crucial resource, giving full control of the environmental regulations, helping crews schedule, for example, vessel discharges at safe and timely locations.

The environmental data are seamlessly updated through NAVTOR´s e-Navigation Suite with the award-winning cyber-secure NavBox.

Environmental Regulations layer in NavStation
Screenshot of Environmental Regulations in NavStation with list of warnings
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