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The value of weather solutions

Optimal weather data can make the difference between profit and loss. Up to the minute information allows navigators and shore-based teams to reduce risk and plan safe, efficient and cost-effective voyages for individual vessels and entire fleets.

The module gives users greater insight into real-time and forecasted developments – introducing new parameters such as tropical cyclones and weather fronts – while streamlining ordering and enhancing data presentation. The weather overlay is provided by Weathernews Inc (WNI) and is the market´s most comprehensive, high quality and up to date weather data.

– Minimising risk, maximising results.

Weather Routeing
NAVTOR Weather
Screenshot of Optimum Ship Routeing in NavStation
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Leading the way in weather

NAVTOR has joined forces with Weather News International (WNI) to integrate Optimum Ship Routeing (OSR) into NavStation for a powerful,

efficient and seamless solution.

Our new weather routeing module, powered by WNI, the world’s leading private weather service company, combines high-quality data and best-in-class ship routeing visualisation and optimisation with NavStation’s unique planning capabilities.


The result is a simple, seamless and fully comprehensive solution, delivering compelling user benefits. Namely: one cost-effective system for all planning and ship routeing; enhanced weather safety and fuel savings; reduced emissions; recommended routes based on your specific criteria; greater automation and efficiencies; better fleet decision making and much more.


Find your optimal route ahead with NAVTOR and WNI.

With Weather Routeing Module you can:

Easily view and select from recommended routes provided by WNI Risk Operators, based on different criteria, such as fuel, ETA, bad weather avoidance and more.

• Enhance safety

• Save fuel

• Reduce emissions

• Reduce cost - No need for two SW systems

• Reduce human errors by integrating Weather, Weather Routeing and full Passage Planning capabilities 

• Enhance user-operability through streamlined functions

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