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ENC Online by NAVTOR

Delivering ENC directly to shoreside systems

Our ENC Online Service delivers worldwide ENC directly to internet-connected shoreside systems at commercially feasible terms.


ENC Online is made available to clients through the use of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) TileAPI standard. This standard enables developers to quickly and efficiently incorporate the ENC Online service into applications that require nautical charts.


12-month ENC Online chart subscriptions can be purchased by selecting complete individual Hydrographic Office coverage. This allows companies to choose the ENC that best suits their operations.


The ENC Online service is updated automatically on a weekly basis to align with the ENC being utilized on vessels.   

Pick Report

The pick report function enables querying of the ENC, returning the chart information and a list of all objects beneath the cursor position.

The ENC Online Service can be integrated into numerous applications, including:

•  Emergency Response Rooms

•  Vessel Monitoring

•  Asset Tracking 

•  Fleet Management

Articles about ENC

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