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Pay As You Sail

Pay as you sail on monitor


When NAVTOR first introduced PAYS (Pay As You Sail) in 2012, it set a new standard for the maritime industry. Since then, we have improved and refined the solution further and moulded it into one of the most popular ENC distribution services in commercial shipping.

A flexible, user-friendly and cost-effective way to navigate

Convenient, economical and transparent when compared to traditional ENC subscription models which are based on set areas and licensing periods. 

• Immediately access charts and publications

• All ENCs are free of charge for planning purposes

• By using vessel tracking data, the service only charges for charts that have been

  under the vessel’s keel during the voyage

• Majority of ENCs supports PAYS

* Non-PAYS Areas will have to license by route option.

PAYS updating methods 

By integrating NavBox in the bridge networks, the vessel will automatically receive the latest updates of charts and publications and transmit very accurate vessel position and AIS data for nearby vessels. This saves time and ensures full compliance at all times. 

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A more manual alternative to NavBox is to install NavSync on the bridge PC. The software allows navigators to seamlessly access, update and license charts and publications and then transfer the data to the ECDIS with NavStick.

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We have NAVTOR system for ECDIS – ENC charts (only them you can use to navigation – so no need others).
System is very user friendly/easy. Eliminates possibility of human error to almost 0. Specially when you are on spot market and you don’t know what future brings – thanks to NAVTOR you have all charts always in hand – no need to do special order and wait for licence key. System picks by himself what ENC you need, after doing passage plan and you pay only for it. Weekly updates are done by 1 click – system knows what ENC you have and download acc proper corrections. Again human error eliminated to almost 0. The best and easiest system I worked with so far.


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Navtracker on monitor and mobile devices

​NavTracker gets it all organised

PAYS-subscribers can easily track, report and manage their ENC portfolio with the complimentary NavTracker software. NavTracker provides both the navigator onboard and the ship management onshore with a full overview of chart usage, chart update history, vessel tracking and service management, in addition to a three-day weather prediction.

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