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By developing smart solutions for the digital maritime future, NAVTOR can provide time saving and cost effective benefits – focusing on safe and efficient ship operation.

Tor A. Svanes, CEO 

Making life easier for shipping companies

By developing smart digital solutions for the maritime future, NAVTOR enables simplified tasks for safe, efficient and sustainable ship operations.

Our e-Navigation and Performance experts don’t follow development, they steer it. NAVTOR is dedicated to being at the vanguard of the industry – working with partners throughout the globe to pinpoint the areas where e-Navigation and Performance can deliver the greatest benefits, then finding the solutions to unlock them.

NAVTOR values


100% dedication – to our industry,

to one another, to the future of smart shipping. NAVTOR is on a voyage of continual improvement and innovation, tirelessly working to drive developments that enable a simpler, safer and more sustainable maritime industry. ​

The world of shipping never stops, and neither does NAVTOR.


Reliable, responsible and respectful – NAVTOR won’t let you down.
We are professional people that work as a team to deliver the optimal technology, service and results for our valued customers and stakeholders.
We act with integrity, communicate openly, and always strive for the highest standards.


NAVTOR sees challenges as opportunities. We combine proven maritime understanding with unique digital competence to create truly innovative solutions. We approach our work with the ambition, and competency, to not only succeed, but to lead – delivering trailblazing technology that helps our customers stay one step ahead.

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The easy and smart way

Through the application of cutting edge digital technology, NAVTOR’s team makes life easier for navigators while enhancing safety, transparency and efficiency for shipowners, ship managers and operators.

NAVTOR believes in a better way forward for shipping. Our digital products and services deliver significant advantages, putting customers at the forefront of the industry as they position to navigate the future.


Chart your success with NAVTOR.

NAVTOR sales team

Driven by innovation

With the development of ECDIS and the mandate for digital charts, NAVTOR’s founders saw an opportunity to transform maritime navigation. By realising the potential of e-Navigation we could unlock a future defined by transparency, efficiency, safety and performance.

2011 saw the foundation of NAVTOR in Egersund, Norway. Since day one, we have built the business on the cornerstones of in-depth maritime understanding and digital expertise, listening to the needs of the industry and responding with innovative solutions that deliver real competitive advantage.


Brick by brick, we have created a unique e-Navigation ecosystem: crafting a suite of seamlessly connected solutions that provide enhanced operations, decision making and transparency. In partnership with our customers, we continue this voyage of development today.


Join us and experience the real benefits of e-Navigation.


First into the future

We put you first. By understanding your individual needs, we provide solutions and services that are tailored to deliver complete satisfaction. Our business is technology, but our focus is people. We are your partners in e-Navigation, today, tomorrow and far into the future.

That’s what this is, a partnership. Through constant dialogue with our customers, we create and refine digital solutions that solve their problems and improve their performance. We listen, we understand, we develop, and we deliver, diving deep into industry issues to identify how new ways of working can put you ahead.


But the partnership doesn’t stop there. We pride ourselves on always being available, always listening, always responding – to ensure you get the performance you demand and the results you desire. NAVTOR retains its customers because you are the centre of everything we do.


With NAVTOR you come first.

NAVTOR customer service

Individual expertise, collective ambition 

NAVTOR people are different, yet the same. We have built a team of individual experts who are united by a desire to discover and deliver the full potential of e-Navigation and vessel performance for our global customer base. The success of our products is derived from the talent, ambition and dedication of our people. This is a team you can trust.

NAVTOR people share the same DNA. Throughout a network of 20 offices, providing products, services and solutions for customers in more than 60 countries, we are connected by the mission to re-imagine maritime navigation. Whether we are software developers, service technicians, salespeople or sailors, we all believe that e-Nagivation can help the industry chart a path towards a safer, more sustainable and successful future.


From the founders to the newest arrivals in our ranks, we are hands-on, committed and driven by the possibilities we see before us. We are proud to develop our own products and delighted to see the benefits our customers experience with them.


We are NAVTOR, your e-Navigation team.

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