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Passage Planning to perfection

Our award-winning Passage Planning module transforms administration for bridge officers, automating processes, easing workloads and opening up a new age of efficiency, safety and simplicity.

Save hours of workload with the PP module


• A real impact on day to day operations

• Eliminate hours of administrative workload

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• Automatic logging & calculations

• Cut the paperwork


• Digital safety check of all waypoints

• Fully secured from berth to berth

approved plan ver4_edited.png

• Always compliant and ready for inspection 

• Cleared for departure


NAVTOR makes passage planning easy. By automatically gathering all relevant navigational information (such as ENC cells, journey waypoints, ETD and ETAs etc.) in one place, it eliminates the need for manual inputs and guards against human error. Excel sheets, hours of work and endless calculations become obsolete, leaving officers with time for key operational tasks while saving countless person-hours across entire fleets.


Developed in collaboration with leading shipowners, with years of research and refinement,
NAVTOR’s Passage Planning module marks a step-change in administration and efficiency.


Plan a better way with NAVTOR.

The feedback from our vessels is very good, especially about the Passage Planning module, which makes life easier on board. We haven´t got any observations on the NAVTOR system from Vetting or PSC due to the Passage Planning module.


Ståle Torsvik, Rederi Stenersen 

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