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Manoeuvring you ahead

Find your way through heavy traffic and complex berthing operations with NAVTOR’s unique Manoeuvring Assistant module.

Manoeuvring Assistant utilises an array of real-time data – incorporating routes, sensor information, AIS targets and updated ENCs – to provide bridge teams with a powerful tool to assess situations and empower optimal manoeuvring in challenging environments.

Safe, secure, seamless awareness for the most demanding operations.

Screenshot of Manoeuvring Assistant Monitoring on tablet


Monitoring Manoeuvring Assistant screenshot of Docking


Assess risk from real time information

Tailored for usability, officers can access the module over any Windows PC or tablet, enabling them to move to key points around the bridge for full situational awareness. When a route can be monitored on ENCs, sensor and AIS data can be received over Wi-Fi.

In addition, the system can also be used for emergency navigation as a reliable “take me home” solution.

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