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NavTracker illustration with screenshots on several devices
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Keep your fleet on track with NavTracker

Access a full overview of vessel and fleet chart usage with NavTracker – enabling better management, ensuring compliance and simplifying reporting.

NavTracker connects fleets and allows onshore teams to access onboard chart intelligence. The software, available for both PCs and as an app for touch screen devices, delivers a complete overview of chart usage, update history, vessel tracking and service management, while also offering a free three-day weather prediction service.

A user-friendly tool to manage your operational area

•  Add or remove charts as needed

•  Keep track of chart usage, costs and 

   chart update history.

•  Access to the latest versions of ENCs

•  Automatic and instant generating of 

   various reports

•  Complete overview of up-to-the-minute 

   tracking of vessels and fleet movements

•  Available for PC, as well as an mobile app for 

   both Android and iOS

•  Empowering better management, ensuring
  compliance and simplifying reporting

Screenshot of Pay As You Sail overlay on map

Navigators and office-based management can easily know exactly what charts are being utilised and updated, helping control costs and ensure complete compliance.


A diverse array of reports can be automatically generated – ranging from active products and subscriptions to operational performance – while NavTracker also allows users to track real-time vessel movements (showing details such as vessel destinations, ETAs, course, speed, and more).

NavTracker App

Includes order management (view, approve/reject), AIS targets and vessel details (destinations, ETA, 

course, speed etc) and vessel track history.


Supported by: iOS 13 and newer / Android 5.1 and newer.

NavTracker app illustration with tablet and mobile device
NavStation Logo
NavStation installed on chart table terminal

Simple, seamless, integrated – all the information needed to plan optimal vessel voyages in one place, at your fingertips.

Planning to perfection

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