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Navtor COO Børge Hetland

" NAVTOR provides more than solutions – we deliver a single, connected, e-Navigation ecosystem with the power to transform your operations, workloads and overall organisational efficiency." 

Børge Hetland, COO 

Simply better: A new e-Navigation reality

NAVTOR is the easy choice for e-Navigation and Performance.

Through research, industry collaboration, digital understanding and the relentless desire to tackle challenges with innovation, NAVTOR has created a simple, seamless and secure way to enable true smart shipping.

Our unique ecosystem, which you can easily tailor to your exact requirements, streamlines processes, automates tasks and enables better decision making – both on the bridge and for business. Rather than addressing areas in isolation, it connects the dots between systems, vessels, fleets and entire organisations, securely sharing data to optimise real-time and future performance, safety and efficiency.


Unlock the true power of e-Navigation with NAVTOR.

I have used your software in the past during my previous employments and I must say that so far it has been the best electronic navigation system and the most user friendly interface for chart outfit management and application that I came across in my career.

Achal Gupta, Chief Officer Teekay 

Planning to perfection

NavStation Logo
NewNavStation-NEW release

Simple, seamless, integrated – all the information needed to plan optimal vessel voyages in one place, at your fingertips.

NavFleet Logo

The simple solution for optimal fleet management

NavFleet marks a new dawn for enhanced fleet management, efficiency, cost control and performance. Everything you need for better decision making in one easy application.

NavFleet in monitor
NavTracker logo

Keep your fleet on track

Access a full overview of vessel and fleet chart usage with NavTracker – empowering better management, ensuring compliance, simplifying reporting.

NavTracker on monitor and mobile devices
NavBox logo

The key to smarter shipping

NavBox is the centre of the e-Navigation ecosystem – connecting vessels, fleets and facilities, with simple, secure and seamless transferral of the very latest navigational data.

NavBox product image
NavTV Logo

Real-time feed of your fleet´s movement

Stay tuned and get comprehensive overview of your vessels movements and operations.

NavTV monitor

Developing your innovation

NAVTOR has the software, expertise and industry understanding to help you chart the optimal route forwards to your product development goals.

ECDIS machine
ECDIS Machine
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