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Amitabh Sankranti

"With digital logbooks, you open up the possibility to instantly share data with onshore organisations for complete vessel and fleet awareness."

Amitabh Sankranti, Shipping Analytics Director

Monitor showing Digital Logbooks Release 2.4
Digital Logbooks logo

Go paperless with certified Digital Logbooks

A class and flag state approved solution – compliant with all relevant IMO guidelines and regulatory standards.

Reduce workload, enhance decision making and save money.

It´s compliance made easy.

Monitor showing Digital Logbooks Release 2.4
Digital-Logbooks +

2.4 version out now!

Digital Logbooks 2.4 brings more integrations across logs, mobility through portable and desktop devices, and a new UI and UX design for the deck logbook.

We continue to reduce the admin burden on board by making intuitive, configurable, and easy-to-use logbooks from which you can extract value. With a secure and intuitive app now available on Android and iOS stores, the crew can make inputs, complete checklists and create tasks, reminding watchkeepers about which logs to prioritise.

New features in Digital Logbooks 2.4

  • A new form of PDF reports, with secure user authentication via email

  • Configurable roles and responsibilities for signing and creating logs as per existing crew rights 

  • GMDSS logbook with details of operators, test routines and the station license.

  • Upgraded Navbox API that shares data with log books through data tags

  • New Deck Logbook home pages with quick events and auto-capture of data

  • A wider range of Auto Fills, Alerts and Validations


Available in app for Android and iOS! 

Create logbook entries directly from your phones and tablets while onboard, ensuring effortless record-keeping and enhancing operational efficiency.

  • Seamless synchronization with Navbox 

  • Create a logbook entry on your mobile device,
    and all relevant information is instantly 
    available across your vessel’s logbook system 

  • Eliminates the need for manual data transfer 

  • Saves time 

  • Reduces risk of data discrepancies

Digital Logbooks from NAVTOR
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New features

Save time, ensure compliance

NAVTOR´s easy to use, intuitive software enables real-time data sharing to shipowner or management offices on shore. It is transparent, rich in insights and a key, verifiable way of proving compliance with regulations and charter covenants.

Digital Logbooks

The Digital Logbook software is a web-based application, installed onboard as a standalone application that is fully usable offline (vessel module). The office module allows for monitoring and administering the log on board.

Laptop with NAVTOR Digital Logbooks dashboard

• Oil Record Book, parts I and II  (MARPOL Annex II)

• Cargo Record Book (MARPOL Annex II)

• Garbage Record Book, parts I and II (MARPOL Annex V)

• Annex VI Log

• Ozone-Depleting Substances (ODS) Record Book (MARPOL Annex VI)

• Recording of the tier and on/off status of marine diesel engines (MARPOL Annex VI)

• Record of Fuel Oil Changeover (MARPOL Annex VI)

• Record Book of Engine Parameters (NOx Technical Code)

• Ballast Waterlog

• Official logbook

• Deck logbook including checklists

• Engine logbook including checklists

• Other logbooks (On Clients request) - GMDSS, Chronometer, Gyro error, Radar log, Cargo logbooks, medical logbook, Marpol seal logs

All logs are modular and customised to vessel configurations.

Any combination of logs can be activated based on the subscription.

Accurate and error-free data

• All our logs are class and flag approved

• Compliant to MEPC 312 (74) and IMO Guidelines

• Electronic signature compliant with 

   EIDAS Regulations Standards

• Enables error-free oil record book entries

• Real-time view in the office

• Secure and tamper-proof

• Stored and signed digitally

• Auditable remotely

• Build analyses based on log entries

• Default entries and values - reduce wrong interpretations

• No logistics or shipping costs


Reduce the burden of record

keeping on board


Have one source of information

and avoid duplication


Save costs, for monitoring, training and auditing


Adopt a proactive approach

towards the environment

Avoid costly fines and errors


Biometric Signature verification

using a Topaz e-Signature Pen


GPS Devices for location based

Enviro Zone alerts and prompts

Biometric Finger Print Scanning

and recognition of users registered in the system


Integration with level sensors

for automatic validations if data

APIs are provided

Key Benefits


The Digital Logbooks platform is scalable and can be readily used to create other reporting logs, and can adapt to changes in regulations seamlessly. The product can be integrated with:


Certified by Lloyd´s Register & Flag states:

Approved flagstates for NAVTOR Digital Logbooks
Laptop with NAVTOR Academy screen image

E-learning is available for Digital Logbooks


Are you a customer, having a trial, or considering using NAVTOR Digital Logbooks?

The e-learning course is a guided tour of the functionality and the practical usage of Digital Logbooks and can be used for training and job support. 


The course includes all you need to know to operate the overall system and each individual logbook, such as: How to get started, how to operate each logbook and how to create and maintain logs and reports.

It is available as a complete version, covering all logbooks, and as two smaller modules focusing on the needs of crew members in the "Technical department" or the "Deck department". 


The course uses the micro-learning methodology with compact lessons, video, sound and some text. 


Please contact us for access.

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