NavFleet CBDO Arild R Sæther

"I firmly believe monitoring
will be the key to unlocking 
smarter shipping."

Arild Risholm Sæther, CBDO NavFleet

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Total ship operations platform

– Reduce costs, enhance safety and minimise emissions.

NavFleet creates a modern, digital ecosystem that allows collaboration by multiple stakeholders and helps improve the efficiency of operations and fleet performance.

Nafleet monitoring

All the tools you need,
at your fingertips

What is NavFleet?
- Improve fleet performance from one digital platform

NavFleet sets a new standard for fleet management and performance focused decision-making. By integrating multiple streams of data - from vessels, shore-based facilities and business-critical sources - onto a single platform, shipping companies are empowered to monitor, refine and improve fleet-wide performance in an instant.


NavFleet has been developed in collaboration with shipping companies to deliver a one-stop-shop solution to many challenges. The system presents relevant insights and solutions in a simple way, thus increasing transparency and improving confidence in decision-making.


Now, you can improve planning, execution and compliance (EU MRV / IMO DCS) in one place!

Easy and smart!

What does it mean for you?
With Navfleet, you can:

• Improve vessel performance

• Enable better decision-making

• Enhance situational awareness

• Simplify workflows and save time

• Increase safety

• Reduce fuel consumption and emissions

• Ease the burden of regulatory compliance

• Integrate with other business-critical sources

• Save money

NavFleet Monitor

Improve fleet intelligence 
and performance

– one integrated solution for 

planning, execution and compliance

Focus on flexibility
Choose the option that is best for you

Our modular approach makes it easy to configure your ideal solution 

- pick and choose from different value-added features:


Track vessels at high resolution alongside access to basic data layers and simplified weather information.


Monitor passages against off-track limits, operational limits, schedule, and charter party requirements, with weather forecasts and overlays.


Access an IMO DCS / EU MRV compliant reporting
platform with dual-layer validations. Analytics for crews and shore-side teams help drive better data quality and insights to improve optimization decisions.


Add high impact modules to improve hull performance, engine performance, CP compliance and other leading KPIs.


Benefit from our white glove performance service. Our system and team of performance specialists reduce the need for constant monitoring and analytics; we bring the diagnosis to you and help drive towards cost-saving 


Easy to integrate

Centralise data collection and increase transparency with our flexible integration options.

Expert driven

An experienced team of performance specialists help improve the data quality and performance of your fleet.

One integrated solution for sustainable shipping

NavFleet fits perfectly within the broader NAVTOR ecosystem. By integrating NavFleet with NavBox and NavStation, users have everything they need to improve fleet efficiency and 

simplify daily workflows. 


All planning, monitoring, execution and compliance needs are available in our total ship operations platform.

Suitable for:

NavFleet caters to ship owners, operators, managers, charterers and other stakeholders. 

The system covers the full spectrum of services, providing decision-support tools to better understand and improve fleet operations and performance. Whether you have a small or large fleet, NavFleet is for you!

Focusing on
vessel analytics:

Vessel Analytics


Holistic performance optimisation

Focusing on
situational awareness:

Fleet monitoring

NavFleet Monitoring

The simple solution for optimal fleet management