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"How can you unlock efficiency, compliance and a sense of control from confusion? The key lies in understanding, and acting upon, performance."

Jacob Clausen, Performance Director

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Total ship operations platform

 Reduce costs, improve insights, enhance safety and minimise emissions

NavFleet creates a modern, digital ecosystem that allows collaboration by multiple stakeholders and helps improve the efficiency of operations and fleet performance.

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Holistic performance optimisation


Enhanced situational



Automated verification and compliance reporting


All the tools you need, at your fingertips

What is NavFleet?
- Improve fleet performance from one digital platform

NavFleet sets a new standard for fleet management and performance focused decision-making. By integrating multiple streams of data - from vessels, shore-based facilities and business-critical sources - onto a single platform, shipping companies are empowered to monitor, refine and improve fleet-wide performance in an instant.


NavFleet has been developed in collaboration with shipping companies to deliver a one-stop-shop solution to many challenges. The system presents relevant insights and solutions in a simple way, thus increasing transparency and improving confidence in decision-making.


Now, you can improve planning, execution and compliance (EU MRV/UK MRV and IMO DCS) in one place.

– Easy and smart!

NavFlee features

Get ready for EU ETS regulations from

1 Jan 2024 – new NavFleet version out now!

NavFleet ENC Online monitor

Release 1.9: 

  • New EU ETS pages featuring EU ETS Dashboard, Statement and Voyage Estimator (CII Module)

  • ENC Online by NAVTOR
    – now available in NavFleet!

  • XTD limits Visualisation

New and updated features

EU ETS Dashboard, Statement and Voyage Estimator: Estimate allowances before a voyage and generate EUA Statement documents seamlessly after, simplifying the reporting process. Share EUA costs with charterers and freight owners.

ENC Online by NAVTOR now available in NavFleet! Cost-effective Online ENC layer for onshore teams in maritime operations. Empower your onshore offices with seamless access to official electronic navigational charts directly in their browsers, eliminating the need for costly ENC cells intended for onboard usage.  

XTD Limit Visualisation: A quick, visual representation of the vessel's cross-track deviation along the route. Utilising XTD information from the passage plan/route, this feature enhances navigation efficiency, providing clarity at a glance.

New reporting API incl online documentation: Request multiple reports for multiple vessels simultaneously. Enjoy an overview of all available vessels, request specific report IDs, and filter queries by time start/end. Easily access data in your spreadsheet with a click of a button, simplifying your reporting process.

The Emissions Simulator offers users a powerful tool for analysing different scenarios to predict the Emissions, CII, and AER at fleet and vessel levels. Scenarios can easily be saved, compared and exported.

Emissions & CII Fleet update: UK MRV Reporting, Downloadable PDF exports, Emissions Details dashboard and Vessel Emission comparison views have been added.

Bad weather forecast notifications: for up to 72 hours

Speed range Colorization: Customise the route monitoring with colourization according to vessel speed ranges along the route. 

Saved User settings: Selected weather settings are saved for the user.

With NavFleet, you can:

• Get a single source of truth

• Get insight into vessels' performance

• Improve operational decision making

• Gain situational awareness

• Simplify workflows and save time

• Ensure safe navigation

• Simplify compliance with emission regulations

• Decarbonize your fleet


NavFleet simplifies workflows for commercial, operational and technical stakeholders


Increase earnings using our data-driven approach for improving fixtures

• Fuel Tables

• Voyage Planning


Improve voyage planning and monitoring, increase visibility of CP performance and simplify hull cleaning decisions

• Passage Monitoring

• Voyage Analysis

• Hull Performance


Improve machinery operations (ME, AE, Boiler) and reduce daily running costs

• Engine Performance


Monitor fleet and understand environmental performance, including GHG emissions, CII, EEOI and AER

• Environmental Analysis

  compliant reports

• Fleet monitoring

NavFleet modular solutions