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Paperless and easy access to
Time Zones and Load Line Zones 

– A helpful visual tool for mariners in their day to day operations 

Time Zones

Time Zones

Geographical and political/economical time zones

With the Time Zones layer you can:

• Manage all your communications and time zones with innovative dashboard clocks

• Look up geographical and economic time zones, including daylight saving time, a dynamic chart overlay
• Showing you when to advance and retard the vessels clock

• Calculate the distance to the next time zone along an ocean crossing

• Provide time zone info for any position on a map, along a route or at destination

• Time Zone Layer in NavStation can replace thematic BA chart 5006

Lode Lines
NAVTOR Loadlines.png

Load Line Zones

The Load Lines layer will provide you with:

• Load Lines Zones as digital overlay in NavStation

• Showing the correct load lines based on vessels length and date

• Your load line zone information in the Passage Plan

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