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Emission & Compliance

NavFleet’s Emission and compliance service help you to comply with EU MRV, UK MRV and IMO DCS reporting. Our dual-layer validation approach improves the data quality substantially. 

NavReporting, our noon reporting platform, has a dual-layer validation system that includes extensive in-form data validation and validation checks by our experienced shore team to further ensure data quality. The team follow-up with the vessels to clarify nuanced data and other discrepancies.
Emission reports can be downloaded instantly and submitted to your verifier for easy approval. To simplify the workflows even more, you can also add the DNV API integration service, which automatically sends validated data from NavFleet to DNV Veracity on a daily basis.


New version out now!

NavFleet 2.0 elevates your fleet monitoring with enhanced notifications, port weather forecasts, and comprehensive event logging

We are excited to announce the release of NavFleet 2.0, featuring innovative features designed to give onshore teams the best tools for monitoring and optimizing their fleet operations.

NavFleet Monitoring

Automated verification
and Compliance Reporting

EU MRV, UK MRV and IMO DCS compliant

MRV reporting module in NavFleet
MRV reporting module in NavFleet

Automated verification and compliance reporting

NAVTOR, in collaboration with Veracity by DNV, gives you the benefit of harvesting data through one integrated digital platform. The NAVTOR Eco System provides a seamless and automatic system with data integration via API data ingest of emissions data for validation and verification with a touch of a button.

Emission reports for complying with IMO DCS, EU MRV and UK MRV can be downloaded in an instant and submitted to your verifier for easy approval.
Ensure complete compliance with emission regulations and a more sustainable and profitable shipping - aligned with the Poseidon Principles.

NavFleet DNV reporting

Ensure complete compliance

The NAVTOR performance team will help ensure seamless submission to verifiers, saving considerable time for shore teams:

The Integration will send data from NavFleet into DNV weekly after a report is saved, submitted and validated. DNV verifies the data and uploads the information to GISIS (for DCS) via API for the majority of the flags and on behalf of the ship owner. For MRV data, DNV prepares already verified XML data for the clients to upload to THETIS.

Simplify compliance with data integration via API data ingest for continuous automated data upload

Improve the efficiency and quality of MRV and DCS reporting with NAVTOR’s integration to DNV Veracity API

•  Simplification of the verification process through DNV Veracity API

•  Continuous feed of emissions data, reducing the need for manual intervention through
   one integrated digital platform

•  Reducing workloads

•  Improving transparency and insights

•  Improving visibility into the decarbonization trajectory

•  Help to comply with the Poseidon Principles for supporting  sustainable linked financing

Linette Laggren



“Get real-time feedback of your vessels CII ratings and take action before it´s too late”
Linette Laggren, Customer Success Lead, NAVTOR

NavFleet CII monitoring overview

Dashboard with CII rating and AER information with fleet-wide vessel or vessel based information view.

Real-time CII monitoring - and Emissions Simulator to predict scenarios

Stay on top of CII ratings – get the full overview of your vessels values with real-time data and better planning tools.

NAVTOR has developed a suite of tools to support customers on their decarbonization journey. The new features in NavFleet support proactive planning and monitoring of CII in line with required targets set by IMO. Get access to a range of analytics and decision-support
tools to not only better understand your CII but improve it before it’s too late.

It´s easy to implement – no need to install the full NavFleet service from NAVTOR. 

Get on board for real-time CII monitoring, and Emission Simulations.

Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) tools 

At NAVTOR, we recognise that ship owners, operators and managers would like to know their vessels’ CII rating and ensure compliance with the emission regulations.


NAVTOR´s Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) tools support customers on their decarbonization journey. The features in NavFleet support proactive planning and monitoring compliance with required CII reduction targets mandated by IMO. Fleetwide CII rating is now easily available for ship owners, operators, and managers.

CII Features in NavFleet include:

• Fleet Dashboard: Access fleet, sister class and vessel level overview of CII and other key environmental indicators

• Vessel Comparison view

• Voyage Analysis: View voyage level CII rating

• Data Extracts: Pull on demand CII extracts to simplify ESG reporting

• Voyage Planner: Simulate emissions and CII rating for a new voyage itinerary and speed instructions

Easy to implement and extend with additional services in NavFleet​​

About CII (Carbon Intensity Indicator)

During the June 2021 MEPC 76 meeting, the IMO adopted extensive new CO2 regulations applicable to the existing global fleet, which included the CII measure. From 1 Jan 2023, vessels above 5000 GT trading internationally is subject to the requirements. The CII is a rating of a vessel’s annual carbon intensity on a scale from ‘A’ to ‘E’, where vessels scoring ‘D’ or ‘E’ for three consecutive years shall be required to develop a plan of corrective actions as part of the vessels SEEMP.

If you want to learn more about how NavFleet can help comply with CII, don't hesitate to get in touch with us for a demo!

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