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NavClan vessel
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Web based auditing tool

For online VDR data playback, navigation audits and investigations.

Process data from any VDR model using the NavCLAN in-house algorithm.


   Reviews by experienced and certified auditors

Features include

  • Can process any VDR data

  • Easily accessible through a secure internet connection and does not require
    additional set-up 

  • Enables assessment of Human Element factors using inbuilt tools on the portal 

  • Includes an inbuilt analytics platform

  • Analyses images for patterns related to equipment usage

  • Provides a complete situational awareness for objective auditing, benchmarking and briefing/training

  • A reliable platform for quick and cost-effective reviews of VDR data
    and investigations

VDR Services Offered 

  • Standard / Short Duration

  • Navigation Audits

  • Navigation Assessments

  • Incident Investigations

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