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The key to smarter shipping
and seamless, automatic updating

NavBox is the centre of our e-Navigation ecosystem – connecting vessels, fleets and facilities, with simple, secure and seamless transferral of the very latest navigational data.

NavBox is a fully automated solution that forms a bridge between ship and shore. Installed as a hardware box within onboard networks, NavBox continually ensures vessels have the data they need to keep them safe, compliant and always up to date.

NavBox, automated intelligence.

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Updating with NavBox - No need for downloads, DVDs or large data transfers!

By integrating NavBox in the bridge networks, the vessel will automatically receive the latest updates of charts and publications and transmit very accurate vessel position and AIS data for nearby vessels. This eliminates administrative tasks, reduces human error, and unlocks powerful savings in efficiency and cost.

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NavBox has the IEC 61162-460 Gateway type approval from DNV GL,  meaning it is classified cyber secure. In the age of digital shipping, this enhances bridge network security, protects the ECDIS and ensures navigational data never falls into the wrong hands.


If you do not have a NavBox onboard, NAVTOR offers easy access to the latest charts and publications, and a simple way to transfer the data to the ECDIS, using the NavStick. 

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The benefit of connecting
AIS to your NavBox

Get AIS input with your NavBox

• Better tracking - lower cost (for more exact

  tracking of which charts has been used)

• Situational awareness - overview of AIS targets

  in your vicinity

    - The AIS targets will be displayed in 

      NavTracker and NavStation for use both on

      board and onshore

• AIS in NavStation

    - For use with Manoeuvring Assistant,

      monitoring and docking to simplify tasks on



• NavBox AIS substitutes the need of Inmarsat C Tracking and ensures a lower subscription service

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Screenshot of NavTracker with AIS targets