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NavFleet Monitoring
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Voyage monitoring

The simple solution for monitoring fleets operation

NavFleet is the perfect solution if you require a tool to track and monitor your vessels.

– everything you need for better decision making in one easy application.


New version out now!

NavFleet 2.0 elevates your fleet monitoring with enhanced notifications, port weather forecasts, and comprehensive event logging

We are excited to announce the release of NavFleet 2.0, featuring innovative features designed to give onshore teams the best tools for monitoring and optimizing their fleet operations.

NavFleet Monitoring
NavFleet 2.0 new features

New features in NavFleet 2.0

This latest version introduces a new comprehensive notification system, an advanced port weather service, a detailed event log, and more to enhance situational awareness and operational efficiency. Explore these new capabilities to ensure a compliant, safe, and efficient fleet operation. Dive into the details below and see how NavFleet 2.0 can improve your fleet monitoring.


Advanced Notification System
NavFleet 2.0's new notification system allows you to customize alerts based on specific events, decide who gets notified, and set priorities. This streamlines communication and ensures your team stays informed.

Port Weather Forecast
Plan port calls like never before with a 7-day weather forecast for atmospheric and sea parameters sourced from NOAA. You can optimize your scheduling with regular updates and downloadable PDFs for precise, up-to-date weather information.

Comprehensive Event Log
The new event log lets you keep a shared view of fleet operations. Filter and sort events, add comments, and maintain situational awareness across your onshore team, ensuring a coordinated approach to fleet support.

Enhanced Port Information
You can access crucial details about each port, including country, UN/LOCODE, flag, and more. Use the free text area to share additional information, fostering better collaboration among your team.

Operations Room Dashboard View 
With the new operations room dashboard, you can simultaneously monitor multiple aspects of your fleet. View fleet overviews, maps, event logs, and vessel information in real time for comprehensive fleet management.

Added Vessel info and contact details in Vessel Info Tab
Maintain and share essential vessel information, such as contact details and communication channels, with the updated vessel info tab, ensuring everyone can access critical data.

Fuel Performance Tables
Enhance performance monitoring with detailed fuel consumption tables and graphs—track primary engine fuel consumption relative to speed and draught, available for users with a performance subscription.

Portal and User layers
Quickly draw objects such as lines, circles, points, and polygons on the map and enter a name visible to other users in the portal. Save the objects for your own use or share them with your team. Relevant notifications, such as "entered" or "exited" areas, can be activated for each layer.

Focusing on situational awareness

Through a smarter, joined-up utilisation of data, teams onshore have 'eyes on ships', creating a common situational awareness across fleets and the foundation for optimal decisions.

• ENC Online by NAVTOR now available in NavFleet! Cost-effective Online ENC layer for onshore teams in maritime operations. Empower your onshore offices with seamless access to official electronic navigational charts directly in their browsers, eliminating the need for costly ENC cells intended for onboard usage.

• XTD Limit Visualisation: A quick, visual representation of the vessel's cross-track deviation along the route. Utilising XTD information from the passage plan/route, this feature enhances navigation efficiency, providing clarity at a glance.


• Track your vessels, overlay data layers and see weather forecasts.


• If your vessels are equipped with NavBox, NavStation and Passage Planner you will also be able to monitor active routes and passage plans automatically.


• Set speed range colorization according to your Charter Party guidelines.

• Receive voyage notifications for schedule, route, passage and compliance with CP Speed.


• Receive specific weather forecasts along track and route for the next 15 days,


• Receive bad weather notifications for up to 72 hours.

• Saved User settings: Selected weather settings are saved for the user.

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