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NAVTOR - Bjørn Kristian Sæstad

"With the NAVTOR ECDIS Kernel SDK, we can help you to comply with the new industry standards."

Bjørn Kristian Sæstad, OEM Director


Developing your innovation

- A software development kit (SDK) for efficient, IMO compliant development for ECDIS, ECS and other maritime applications based on ENC charts in S-57/S-63 format.

Always compliant with the latest ECDIS standards, cross-platform support, utilising GPU for fast rendering of chart portrayal.

The NAVTOR SDK team possess unrivalled experience and expertise. NAVTOR is therefore a trusted partner and advisor for many ECDIS manufacturers and e-Navigation solution providers; who look for guidance on how to comply with new industry standards, improve data sharing and enhance overall vessel performance


Get in touch to discover how NAVTOR and the SDK can help you unlock your development potential.

Supported development environments

Windows Visual Studio. Linux - GNU make (Qt Creator, NetBeans). C++ Builder. C# and Unity wrappers for SDK components.

Source code and source control

The NAVTOR SDK comes with all the source codes included. NAVTOR facilitates co-operation between the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and NAVTOR through access to our source control management system, and project management system for bug and issue tracking.

High performance, easy to use and excellent documentation are our highest priorities. We focus on fast compilation of data and efficient chart presentation, using GPU rendering for maximum performance.  

High performance

  • Windows, Linux and Android support

  • All components to make an ECDIS

  • GPU rendering for maximum performance

  • Delivered with all source codes

  • S-52 and INT1 chart presentation

  • Fast and easy ENC import in S-57, S-63 and NAVTOR SENC format

  • Always compliant with latest ECDIS standards

  • AML, ARCS, Inland ENC, AIO, NAVTEX, radar overlay, radar targets, AIS, user chart layer, TotalTide, ADP

  • Free background charts

  • Optimised for NAVTOR ENC Service

NAVTOR SDK Highlights:

Supported Standards

  • IMO Performance Standards, IEC 61174, IEC 62288, IEC 61162, IEC 62923, IHO S-52, IHO S-57, IHO S-64, IHO S-63

Generic ECDIS software

Based on the IMO ECDIS performance standard, G-ECDIS is a customisable OEM ECDIS software aimed at bridge manufacturers to implement across their own branded hardware.

The customisable software fulfils all ECDIS standard requirements and can be tailored to the OEM needs or requirements.

Closeup image of hand on NavStation touch interface

Our G-ECDIS has been type approved for touch monitors

IHO S-100

NAVTOR is excited to be working on the implementation of the S-100 framework, 

including the development of our next-generation S-100 compliant SDK.


For more details about NAVTOR SDK, please contact us.

Articles from NAVTOR:

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