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Mr ECDIS - Book release


Mr ECDIS book charts the unique story of NAVTOR’s Tor Svanes

NAVTOR’s CEO has been given the title of ‘Mr ECDIS’ in a new book charting both his life story and crucial role in the development of maritime e-Navigation. Written by author Tønnes H. Gundersen, the hardback is available in both Norwegian and English, detailing a voyage that has taken Svanes from an electrician’s apprentice in the small town of Egersund, Southern Norway, to a globally renowned figure in this key smart shipping niche. And, Svanes is keen to add, the journey isn’t over yet.

Working-class to world-class

Gundersen has spent over two years researching, interviewing and writing the 300-page opus. Launched today, he says the publication operates as a biography, but also as a history book, interweaving Svanes’ personal development with the evolution of technology that is now essential to unlocking safer, smarter, simpler and more sustainable shipping and business operations.

“It’s a fascinating story,” he comments. “Tor is very well known and respected in the local community here in Norway, and with those familiar with the move to digital charts and continual e-Navigation innovation… but his is a tale deserving of a far wider audience.

“From humble beginnings in a working-class family he’s shown incredible ambition, inspiration and dedication – even when forced out of high-profile industry positions – to commit himself to a cause that has delivered huge benefits for the maritime industry. At the end of the day his legacy won’t be the products and services he’s developed, but the lives they’ve saved, the efficiencies they’ve unlocked, and the environment they’ve protected. The book may be finished, but I’m looking forward to the next chapter!”

New horizons

Svanes led C-Map Norway as CEO, building the company into the world’s leading supplier of digital charts before a disagreement with Boeing-owned Jeppesen Marine (which acquired the business in 2007) forced him out in 2011. From that point he followed his own vision, founding NAVTOR and pushing the envelope of e-Navigation development. The company quickly launched the first type-approved, cloud-based Pay As You Sail digital chart service, before going on to develop an entire eco-system of world first innovations centred on seamlessly sharing data between ship and shore, accelerating shipping into the digital age.

Today, NAVTOR has products and services on over 7000 vessels worldwide and has made the move into performance monitoring and optimisation, as well as digital logbooks. The business has regional offices in Norway, Singapore, Japan, Sweden, Germany, Poland, the United States, and the United Kingdom, with customers in more than 60 countries.

Team effort

“It’s a strange feeling to be the subject of a book, but I’ve really enjoyed the process and am delighted with the end result,” says Svanes himself.
Image of the book "Mr. ECDIS"
The book "Mr. ECDIS"

“I may have been given the title Mr ECDIS, but for me it’s about the story of digital development and how innovation can make life simpler, safer and smarter at sea, rather than any one personality. It’s also important to underline that none of this could ever be achieved individually. It’s always about the team effort, so I’d really like to thank all our customers, employees, backers and supporters over the years. This is a voyage we’ve made together… and we’re not at our destination just yet. There’s plenty more developments, and benefits, to come.”

The publication comes at a time when NAVTOR is expanding rapidly, having recently opened up a new office in Gdansk, purchased and integrated US software firm Tres Solutions, and is about to buy an as yet unnamed maritime technology firm in India.

You can buy the book online here: "Mr ECDIS" - Bibelbutikken webshop

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