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Seamless update of ENC Service

For vessels seeking a simple way to access and update the latest, safest and most compliant electronic charts, NavStick and NavSync are here to help.

Our acclaimed ENC service* makes it easy to download and update charts & publications. With our software solution, navigators can seamlessly download the latest updates to a internet-enabled computer. With a simple push of a button, the necessary files can then be transferred to a USB-based solution, which can then be connected to the ECDIS in order to finalise the update.

After downloading the latest version of the ENC/ADP/AENP updates, you can also produce a Port State or Vetting control report verifying that the vessel is equipped with the latest charts and required publications.

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ENC Service that gives you easy access to the latest versions of nautical charts and simplifies the ordering and updating of your portfolio. 

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Acts as the bridge between the ECDIS and an internet-enabled computer, allowing navigators to download global charts and licenses to the ECDIS instantly

Easy access to the latest updates with NavSync, and simple data transfers with NavStick



NAVTOR offers easy access to the latest charts and publications and a simple way to transfer the data to the ECDIS

*For customers looking for a fully automatic solution to update and distribute navigational data we recommend looking at our NavBox-solution

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The key to smarter shipping

NavBox is the centre of our e-Navigation ecosystem – connecting vessels, fleets and facilities, with simple, secure and seamless transferral of the very latest navigational data.

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