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At NAVTOR, we can offer innovative e-Navigation and performance solutions that have the power to transform vessel operations, fleet management and business results.

This is more than navigation – this is a connected, smart and data-driven ecosystem that can unlock unique benefits for your shipping business.

The easy and smart way

Through the application of cutting edge digital technology, NAVTOR’s team makes life easier for navigators while enhancing safety, transparency and efficiency for shipowners, ship managers and operators.

Discover where NAVTOR can take you today.

NavStation Passage Planning

Passage Planning

to perfection

It has never been easier

- save hours of workload 

Passage Planning has never been easier - save hours of workload!


Cyber secure


Seamless and automatic updates of all navigational data

Easy and safe: seamless and automatic update of all navigational data




Always compliant and up to date - Regulations all the way down to port level

The simple solution for

vessel optimisation and 

fleet management