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NavFleet is nominated for the SAFETY4SEA Technology Award!

We are excited to be nominated for the Technology Award from SAFETY4SEA!

NAVTOR's mission has always been to simplify operational tasks while enhancing efficiency, safety, and business performance. NavFleet sets a new standard for fleet management and operational decision making by integrating multiple streams of data from vessels, shore-based facilities and business-critical sources onto one single platform.

Monitor with NavFleet screenshot
NavFleet dashboard

The danger of not knowing

Voyage monitoring, knowing that your vessel is safe, on course, on schedule, is critical. The navigators onboard have their tools to focus on situational awareness, such as radars, ECDIS, alarm systems etc. With NavFleet, the onshore teams also have the same situational awareness related to voyage monitoring. Automated processes and notification of relevant alarms to the onshore teams empowers the officers to focus on safe and successful operations. This enables the crew to perform more safely, optimally, and efficiently, knowing onshore teams have their back. An integrated tool helps the teams onshore improve situational awareness in automated ways to increase vessel and crew safety.

Automatic dataflow

The main difference between NavFleet and others is the actual total integration with automatic data flow from vessel to shore through our cyber-secure gateway, NavBox. All information can be accessed and shared within the same system for all stakeholders. Others can use manually imported routes in monitoring systems; NavFleet does this automatically.

NavFleet is suitable for shipowners, operators, ship managers, charterers, and other stakeholders. It's a shoreside web-based application you can access from everywhere. NavFleet was launched 1st. February 2021.

The winner of SAFETY4SEA Technology award will be chosen through open public voting (50%) and a industry panel with selected experts (50%). SAFETY4SEA Awards is a part of

the 2021 SAFETY4SEA Virtual Forum on October 19.-21.


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