NavFleet dashboard on computer monitor

Fleet monitoring

- The simple solution for optimal fleet management

NavFleet marks a new dawn for enhanced fleet management, efficiency, cost control and performance. Everything you need for better decision making in one easy application.

Focusing situational awareness

Through a smarter, joined-up utilisation of data, teams onshore have ‘eyes on ships’, creating a common situational awareness across fleets and the foundation for optimal decisions:


We use information from the passage plans, which are both created and activated on board the vessel, to monitor against the cross track distance (XTD) limits on each single leg. If the vessel is outside the XTD limits, you will know it by a quick look at the dashboard. Any deviations from the plan are highlighted.


In addition, you can also set your own off-track limits in NavFleet, independent of the vessel´s XTD limits. Have a look at the dashboard, and you instantly know whether everything is good or if something needs a closer attention.



A quick look in NavFleet will instantly tell you if your vessels are operating close to the vessels operational weather limits. When looking at a specific vessel, you will easily see if the vessel complied with the charter party weather requirements for good weather or within the operational weather limits.  It's visualised by using different colours on the past track and the remaining route.


To plan your next operation, whether it's loading/unloading, bunkering, crew changes or something else, you need to have accurate schedule information. NavFleet gives you this information. Monitor if the vessel is behind or ahead of schedule.



ECA Zones, High Risk Areas (HRA), Voluntarily Reporting Areas (VRA), and more. Highlight and monitor vessels operating within specific areas.



You need good tools to meet all warranties or performance guarantees with promises related to fuel consumption and speed. You need tools that will both prove and improve the performance of your vessel. NavFleet includes the tools to monitor the performance related to passage, vessel and fleet so you can comply with all the regulations, prove performance to stakeholders, reduce emissions and fuel consumptions.