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Summer student programme explores user experience and design for NAVTOR eVDR project.

Sunniva Wildhagen Lislevand and Hanne Lockertsen are working together with NAVTOR on developing new designs and user experiences through the summer student programme.

This year, NAVTOR engaged two students at The Norwegian School of Architecture and Design to design a graphical user interface for the eVDR project (extended Voyage Data Recorder).

In collaboration with Danelec, NAVTOR is utilizing the VDR data for VDR-based support for e-navigation services: fostering ship autonomy, monitoring and remote piloting. The project is a three-year commitment funded by EUREKA and The Norwegian Research Council to accommodate the transition toward autonomous shipping.

Exploring efficient design

In collaboration with the Norwegian School of Architecture and Design and their branch Ocean Industries Concept Lab, we have employed two summer interns to assess how the framework of tomorrow's workspace for both the seafarer and the management team should be.

"-For NAVTOR, digital is at the heart of our business. We wanted to get an external point of view to deepen our understanding of graphical user interfaces and human interaction. In an ever-evolving industry, trying to keep up with the pace of digitalization, we need to seek the best solutions and competence," Bjørn Åge Hjøllo explains enthusiastically.

Hjøllo is Chief Sustainability Officer at NAVTOR, managing the research projects in which the NAVTOR team is involved.

Presenting the data collected by the VDR, it is the task of NAVTOR to ensure the land organization of a vessel can better assist the crew on board through seamless data connections, including ECDIS, radar, audio, sensors and CCTV.

The summer interns create the web-based portal framework and hierarchy for easy use. The project let them delve into the graphical user interface design of the e-navigation service that will work as a situational awareness tool for onshore management. The project's overall goal is to create VDR-based support for e-navigation services to explore new possibilities.

An essential part of NAVTORs research and development strategy is the partnerships and valuable connections we make along the way.

From bytes to benefits

To ensure our customers can capitalize on our services, we must provide state-of-the-art data through a highly readable and configurable user interface. Bringing together the know-how of the Ocean Industries Concept lab and the maritime experience of NAVTOR ensures the best possible output for our clients in the future. The customer needs to get a complete overview of their fleet at a glance. And to enable that, we must establish the best operational display possible.

Cruise ship with tug boat assistance

About the eVDR project

The eVDR project has received funding from Eurostar and NRC. NAVTOR and Danelec Marin join forces to co-create/co-develop a holistic Voyage Data Recorder (VDR)-based service solution for cargo vessels: both new and retrofitted with any level of autonomy.

The partners will mature Danelec's current hardware prototype for autonomous vessels into a new extended VDR (eVDR). This solution will feed data to NAVTOR's e-NAV platform, delivering advanced e-navigation services (monitoring, supervision and piloting) for the maritime shipping industry.


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