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NAVTOR celebrates 10 years!

image of the NAVTOR Team in Egersund
Cake for everyone! But we miss our colleagues around the world, hopefully they can join us soon in Egersund for a big celebration!

Ten years ago today, NAVTOR saw the light of day in Egersund, Norway!

We want to send our thanks out to everyone we have met and connected with along the way.

​-“I am thrilled to participate in this exciting and challenging journey with the NAVTOR family. In these first ten years, maritime shipping has seen vast technological developments in which NAVTOR has taken part. We still see fantastic possibilities within the e-Navigation and vessel performance market and look forward to navigating into the future of shipping. This is only the beginning!”. –Tor A. Svanes NAVTOR CEO

NAVTOR has evolved into being at the forefront of technology in the maritime industry, constantly developing innovative solutions since 2011. The groundbreaking release of a Pay-As-You-Sail ENC in 2012 and the worlds first digital chart table, NavStation in 2014, signalled the start of our path towards becoming a market leader. Today, we continue evolving our cloud-based e-Navigation suite and products like NavStation, NavTracker, NavFleet. There are several exciting news on the way. Making life easier for the navigator will always be at the centre of what NAVTOR is all about.

We look forward to meeting all our colleagues in our offices worldwide again soon and celebrate together!​


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