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Screenshot of NAVTOR TRES vessel analytics
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Impact Driven Maritime Analytics

NAVTOR leverages vessel-specific data to model realistic performance baselines for your ships. With your technical data, our team builds a series of class-specific models from which all future performance is compared.

This tailored approach ensures that insights are based on the unique DNA of each vessel versus a one-size-fits all approach.

Better data, better impact

We focus on holistic improvement, from reporting & monitoring to diagnosis & solutions.

Our proven approach has helped select clients save more than 45,000 MT of fuel and generate 20 times ROI.

Example image of NAVTOR TRES dashboard

• Vessel-specific modelling

• Flexible noon reporting platform

• Dual-layer data validations

• Insight-driven analytics

• Savings-as-a-service approach

• Integrator of choice

• Environmental monitoring

• Expert-driven support

Overall impact


We help customers drive return on investment through better speed compliance, propulsion efficiency, hull performance, port operations and engine operations, among others.

Our dual layer validation approach standardises and enriches performance data. This ensures that customers have reliable, actionable insights.


Our integrated data approach, proactive performance monitoring and intuitive analytics allow customers to focus on

value-added activities.


Turn Insights into Action

We use validated daily performance reports and monthly engine performance reports to drive savings across your fleet. Vessel-specific models ensure that insights are reliable and actionable.

Easy to Use, Powerful Tools at Your Fingertips

Our advanced analytics dashboards provide actionable data for a range of stakeholders. Our simple traffic light system helps you visualise performance gaps and our specialists work with you to troubleshoot performance issues.

Integrate your Data. All of It.

We easily integrate with other third-party systems and hardware: technical, operational and commercial stakeholders can all benefit from Tres’ user-friendly interface and streamlined performance data & analytics.

Set the Performance Baseline the Right Way

We help the world’s leading ship owners and managers unlock value by reducing fuel consumption and improving operational efficiency.

Streamline Data Collection & Analysis

A dual-layer validation process provides customers with the highest quality data to improve performance. Over 150 vessel-specific system validations and a team of performance specialists monitoring reports ensure that our customers make decisions based on reliable data.

Get Actionable, Timely Insights

We generate instant results & analysis when a vessel submits a daily performance report. Real-time analytics helps you uncover insights, which can be used to adjust performance on the spot. Our proactive approach to vessel performance drives lasting improvement and savings for all vessels in your fleet.

Make Data-Driven Decisions with Confidence

Our advanced analytics module and detailed management reports provide a complete picture of performance. Time no longer has to be a bottleneck, as NAVTOR Tres generates trustworthy analysis that allow customers to make informed, data-driven decisions. Resource constrained? Turn on email alert notifications to ensure you do not overlook critical details while leaving the rest to our experienced team of performance specialists.

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