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Avoid deficiencies with NAVTOR

Deficiencies can cost valuable time and money. NAVTOR can help you solve 4 of the top 10 MOU Deficiencies!

Paris Memorandum of Understanding on Port State Control (Paris MoU) 2020

NAVTOR MoU deficiencies

How to tick off 4 of 10 boxes:

All critical navigational information in one place, in one platform. 

Our ecosystem, the e-Navigation Suite, provides automatic and seamless distribution of all the latest charts and publications to ensure that you are always up to date. Get instant access to all ordered publications onboard - No DVD needed! 

e-Publicationreader NAVTOR

Digital logbooks

Make reporting and record-keeping

an easy task with accurate, auditable and error-free data.

Enables error-free oil record book entries


Avoid situations where you are not in the possession of the latest ENCs issued and licensed.

With PAYS (Pay As You Sail) and our e-Navigation Suite, you will always have all the latest ENC charts available, updated and licensed. 


Save hours of workload with the

NavStation Passage Plan module

station2-365 pixler.png

Everything you need to make a safe and compliant passage plan.

By automatically gathering all relevant navigational information (such as ENC cells, journey waypoints, ETD and ETAs etc.) in one place, it eliminates the need for manual inputs and guards against human error. Excel sheets, hours of work and endless calculations become obsolete. 

It considers all the rules and regulations and what you need to pay attention to -  leaving you compliant and up to date.

NAVTOR-NavStation Passage planning
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